4 reasons why your ecourse failed.

  • 1. You didn’t learn from an experienced & expert teacher. You just threw together a random course and hoped.

    Teaching people how to build ecourses is a popular trend  but most of the teachers are just newbies who are regurgitating information they found or bought elsewhere. I’ve even seen my own ecourse program Passive Income Rocks repackaged & resold by people who don’t have a clue about ecourses.

    There is a HUGE difference between knocking out a low-grade infoproduct type of ecourse and packaging your expertise into a top-notch course.

    A GREAT ecourse mentor should understand and have experience of actual teaching. Because when someone instructs you to build an ecourse – essentially they are teaching you how to teach.

    I’ve been building successful ecourses for 8 years but I studied education at masters level before I started teaching others how to create effective ecourses.It made a HUGE difference! I understand the science behind how human brains learn best and this enables me to help my clients and students build outstanding ecourses.

  • 2. You didn’t have a simple & proven launch or sales strategy. Hello tumbleweeds…

    No matter how amazing your ecourse is you still need to have a strategy to make sales. You can’t just throw up a half-assed sales page and expect the millions to come rolling in. Get real. You need to start planning this weeks before you launch. If you don’t have a list or fanbase yet, then you need a watertight launch funnel and ways to get eyes on your sales page. Once you’re traffic is flowing in you need a captivating sales page. Many sales pages I see are RUBBISH. This is why sales page training is built into my Passive Income Rocks academy – it’s so important to have a strategic sales page. Don’t even think about spending cash on ads if you’re sales page sucks.

  • 3. You didn’t focus on the learning outcome. There were no effective solutions or results.

    Ecourses are a teaching tool. When you teach there must be a specific outcome or result. Many people f*ck this one up. Look people don’t really care about you and  why you’re doing what you do. People are ultimately selfish and when it comes to handing over cash there is only ONE question in their mind “what’s in it for me”. Answer that question effectively and you have the makings of a great ecourse. Firstly you must be really specific – what is the one big outcome? Stay away from vague notions such as ‘Become healthier” no one knows what that really means – it’s not specific. Instead say “Lose 5 inches of bellyfat before summer” or “Add 2 hours onto each day with increased energy” or “Heal your unsightly acne in time for prom season”.

    Trust me, know one gives much of a sh*t about “being healthy” or “get happier”. They want a specific quantitative & qualitative result.

  • 4. You didn’t use the right tools (or use them effectively).

    There are loads of tools, systems and platforms with which to build a sell-out 5-figure ecourse. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solutions. It depends on your course type, your teaching style, your audience and how you want to manage the modules.

    • There are informal courses and formal courses
    • Membership style courses
    • Dripfed courses
    • Video courses
    • Multi level academy courses

    If you learn from an amateur they might only tell you about one plugin or one way to build an ecourse but there are loads of ways depending on multiple variables.

    Plugins / ready made sites / subscription services / ecourse platforms / ecourse marketplaces / membership platforms / subscription delivery systems…

    Picking the wrong tools, systems and platforms can mess up your membership mojo. This is why learning from a professional is so important. Throwing a load of videos into a WordPress site and adding Wishlist – does not make a profitable ecourse.

    I’m building a special quiz to help people choose the correct delivery method for their ecourse, make sure you’re on my email list to here about that.

I’m building a special swipe-file to help people choose the correct delivery method for their ecourse, make sure you’re on my email list to here about that. xx Star


Have you experience any problems creating & selling YOUR ecourse?

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  1. Cat
    Cat says:

    Hell yeah! Be specific, very specific this is really at the core of everything. If you don’t know who your tribe are how will they know to look for you.

    Oh and I love that you’re creating a quiz, you know me, I love a quiz!

    Great post and great course Star!

  2. Heather
    Heather says:

    Star this is an excellent post. I love your style – how you always get to the heart of the matter in a direct and succinct way. Every word has power and purpose. Number 1 is absolutely key. People ask me how can online teaching really work? well, first off you have to know a bit about teaching. Educating with results offline is absolute key to educating with results online. Love you and Love your stuff. You are the bomb diggity, the shit, the one to follow. xoxoxoxo

    • Star Khechara
      Star Khechara says:

      Thank you Heather! And yes being able to successfully educate people remotely or online, needs a good grounding in getting results BEFORE launching a course. So many diabolical courses out there.

  3. Bahar
    Bahar says:

    Thank you for this post! Its a good reminder for me to go through ALL the steps. I just launched my first online course as an optin. Yay!! I did it!! So happy I enrolled Passive Income Rocks!! Your videos made the process of creating an ecourse doable, achievable, easier!! Thank you Star.

    And as I read through this post I know I didn’t think the sales strategy through. So need to dive in those modules!!

    • Star Khechara
      Star Khechara says:

      Woo hoo I’m so happy you’ve got your first course up – even if it’s an optin, it’s always good to strive for excellence. Have fun with the other modules and thanks for being a Rockstar!

  4. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    This is so true Star. And it’s why I love being a member of passive income rocks. When I’m launching a new course I always panic about it, but you have my back with all of the fantastic info in PIR. You’ve really thought of everything.

  5. Anna
    Anna says:

    Hi Star!
    You are so smart!! I wish I met you before i started my business! Nr 2 is a HUGE failure in my case! I wish I knew it earlyer! But… Better late than never 🙂
    Keep up the good work! You are a real Star! Your big fan, Anna

  6. Kerri Walker
    Kerri Walker says:

    Absolutely love this post and nodded my head agreeing to each failure. Sadly a victim or doer of all in the past. Learning from you Star I already feel like a badass babe though, thanks for sharing the awesome in your brain 😉


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