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    Exposure | 12 week ecourse

    Quit blogging and social media slavery in favour of #FameHacking to rapidly grow an audience of raving fans, a list full of paying clients and tons of recognition as a competition-proof authority in your niche. (perfect for introverts)

    Clone YOU | 6 weeks

    License out your signature work to create a global ‘army’ of practitioners of your ‘thing. Just like Marie Kondo, Danielle LaPorte and Louise Hay. Creating licensed facilitators is the next level after you’ve created your solopreneur business – it’s time to grow an empire (while still hiding behind your laptop)

    SOLDpreneur VIP strategy day laptop graphic

    SOLDpreneur | 1 VIP Day

    Bankroll your next ‘big thing’ by selling your current service-based, online, laptop lifestyle business (or part of it). Yes, it is possible to sell your solopreneur biz for epic income – I’ve done it TWICE.

    It took two seconds to realize that under those cute kitty ears was a seriously brilliant businesswoman. In two more seconds, I understood that she WANTS her clients to succeed. It’s not just about making money for Star, she wants YOU to make money, for real.

    Star showed me that you CAN infuse your livelihood with sparkle, moxie and brilliance and still be completely professional. Best of all? Doing business this way attracts MORE ah-mazing people to me. I also learned a ton of tech tips from Star that really challenged me before, but now I’m a proud, bootstrapping solopreneur. Can’t thank her enough or say enough good things about her!

    If it weren’t for Star, I wouldn’t have been able to design, create and launch my own websites as well as my courses, all in record time. She is an amazing teacher and explains everything so well. She has literally saved me $$thousands$$!

    By the time I finished Star’s course, not only had I come up with the idea for my Signature Style School but I had the tools and know how to create, market and deliver the course. My first run-through launched to 17 people and I am thrilled to say it got rave reviews!

    Star’s technique is common sensibly simple; she uses her natural intelligence and genuine personality, quirks and all, to teach other women to shine their unique light as bright as possible and to be financially free.  She backs that up with a stellar set of technical and business skills that make monetizing who you are a snap.

    After completing Star’s training I launched a 6 Week Raw Food E-course with over 30 training videos and bonuses. It’s the first of its kind and I couldn’t have done it without Star’s help!

    My sales page instantly began converting at a higher rate, and I enrolled about a dozen new international students within 24-hours of updating my sales page using the co pywriting and psychological principles that Star teaches in the course. It was absolutely amazing and exciting!

    I finally found the courage to write a sales page for my Mastermind after Star’s course I decided go for it and started writing my sales page. I decided to totally be myself, using photos of me in my most glamorous pinup glory and to write my page exactly as I am, confident it will attract “my” people. As I’m writing this I have four out of 8 places confirmed in just a few days! Of course, I’m hoping for the 8 and working to achieve that, but feedback has already been amazing and I’m absolutely convinced that our Star’s work is some of the most valuable work to support entrepreneurs out there. Thank you Star!

    Star makes it easy. There’s so much bullshit on the interwebs but Star offers actual teaching with actual results because she’s been there done it, go the t-shirt, got the scars and is willing to share.  In short I trust her to come up with the goods so I can learn then put it into action the same day. There’s no bullshit just authenticity!

    I was able to create top notch content for my customers that would not only teach them something but take them in an awakening journey. I was able to overcome my fear of technology and being left alone by my mentor. I was able to create a beautiful website that I can tweak any time. I was able to create my sales page.

    Well I did it! YAY… I created my academy and pre-launched. 3 people enrolled, which I am happy about considering I am still putting it all together. 6 hours to go, so could be more people yet on this one 🙂 I have 4 more academies lined up with subjects that I already have material for or have written books about. This is so much fun!… Thank you Star I feel this is just the beginning of an exciting journey.

    You are a freaking genius angel…You somehow picked me up out my chaotic forest, flew me to the top to see everything from a falcon’s viewpoint and everything just magically reorganised itself into place in honour of me. MAGIC….”

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