BE A CHANNEL OF WEALTH! I used to think that pursuing wealth or financial gain was an ego-driven, psychopathic aim in life. Why would any decent, caring human want to be rich, right?

But in my poverty stricken past I realised that by keeping myself poor, I was actually being selfish. I sponged off the state, I worked in crappy jobs that didn’t empower me to help others, I had no spare cash to donate to charity and I harboured too many resentments about my life to be of inspiration to anyone.

A couple of years ago I had the epiphany that I could be a ‘channel of wealth’ and that to increase my monetary gains would mean I could then free up a lot of money and time to give to worthy causes and to give lots more info for free.

Being broke and struggling didn’t allow me that luxury

Now I enjoy how money can flow to me and then flow through me as I stand for being a channel of wealth. I can afford to give generously to causes I believe – especially those that protect our environment and animal life.

As a vegetarian and animal rights advocate, it seems only fitting that the 2 charities I currently support are animal ones. I am not a fan of the large corporate-esque charities who use up a lot of funds on wages and admin. I prefer to support grassroots charities who take direct action on a shoestring budget.

I give to Woodside Animal Welfare Trust as they were my local charity back in Plymouth and do so much for caring for abandoned animals. I support a cat pen and rabbit pen.

Two dear friends of mine have spent many years helping to care for injured and orphaned Orangutans out in Borneo (victims of the palm oil plantation industries). I boycott palm oil products as well as supporting their work with money donations too. This mission is their calling and they’ve given up a zillion home comforts (and a wage!) to help these ‘orange people’.

Of all my achievements, this wonderful certificate honouring my donation to their cause is my favourite <3

Star Khechera cert appreciation

I’m so happy I now operate in a world where I am a channel of wealth and I can be a caretaker of the Earth by supporting nobel efforts like these.

Imagine that YOU are a channel of wealth – what would you do with your flow of money, to enhance this planet and all that live on her?

xoxo Star Khechara


For as long as I can remember. At least the whole of my adult life, I’ve been an eco-warrior(ess).

From being an angry vegan or going on CND marches, to living in tipis and buying dusty lentils via a food cooperative.

I’ve been that girl who lived without plumbing, gas and electricity for years.

I’ve worn hemp and bamboo. Used only weird clay to wash my hair. Gathered meals from hedges. Boycotted shaving and supermarkets.

Being ‘uber green’ has been part of my identity for 20 years.

But there comes a point when no matter what you do, you’ll never be green enough.


You live in a tipi up a mountain? Pah, this dude lives in a cave and never even wears shoes.

You’re vegan? ha, I’m fruitarian!

You still buy from shops? Urgh, we make everything ourselves even our own furniture.


And so on. You get the picture.

Once I made the decision to become an entrepreneur and launch my own business, it became somewhat necessary to cast off some of this old lifestyle. For one thing I needed electricity to run my computer.

Fast forward a few years and here I am, a successful business woman living in a large country house and driving an actual planet-murdering car of all things.

But here is where things get funky.

I upgraded my toilet roll.

I’ve always bought recycled toilet roll.

But I never realised how rough it is compared to non-recycled, and after 20 years of ‘roughing it’ (pardon the pun) I want something soft and silky for a change.

I finally gave in and bought non-recycled toilet roll (from FSC managed forests) but I feel so guilty.

Considering that I buy tons of books (made from paper) and have wooden furniture (made from trees) – it seems crazy that I’m so fixated on toilet paper.

The fact of the matter is, do I not believe that I deserve better toilet roll? Should I be destined to forever use rough paper on my most sensitive body parts?

On the eco-scale, I’ve been pretty much off the charts compared to most Westerners – is it not time to just give myself a break and allow one little small non-eco luxury?

I believe so. I think it’s time I ditched some of my joy-sabotaging beliefs. I think it’s time I had soft toilet roll goddamit.

What’s your ‘toilet roll’ Achilles heel that is holding you back from experiencing the best in life?

xoxo Star Khechara

I often get emails that ask for me to work for free; speaking, teaching, writing, you name it.

Yesterday, another of these kinda emails landed in my inbox. The idea being that the event was low-key and they just wanted awesome people to share their skills.

Fair enough.

There’s nothing wrong with asking people to provide input for free. In fact, it’s how many ‘newbies’ get to launch themselves.

But in this particular case, I was asked to teach a practical skill – one that I’ve spent 20 years becoming an expert in. I was asked to teach free natural skincare workshops. And I’m no newbie.

Change that yes to a NO!

2-3 years ago I would’ve said yes.
1 year ago I may have at least guiltily given it some thought.
Today it look all of a nanosecond to think ‘hell no, I don’t work for free’.

The thing is dear heart, it just ain’t good business sense.

I run a business. The life-blood of any business is cash-flow right? Free gigs don’t give you any cash-flow and worse they may even be bleeding you dry.

Let’s look at how this one free gig could seriously injure my cash-flow

1. The event is far away- about a 14 hour round trip. that’s gonna be a fair whack of petrol.(£60-£80)

2. It is a weekend event, with only camping (which I hate) plus I need to be able to safely store all the materials for my workshops – this would mean staying off-site at a hotel for 3 days (approx £300 for a fairly standard B & B

3. I will lose 4 days of work being away for the weekend plus 2 days of travel.

4. Teaching natural skincare involves a materials cost to me for all the ingredients and bottles/jars. this usually equates to at least £10 per person per hour. Last workshop I taught at an outdoor event had 20 people and it lasted 2 hours. This event is asking for several 1 hour workshops. so that’s 4 hours over 2 days – and if 20 people at each that could cost = £800 in materials.

5. I’d have to eat out for at least 2 meals per day as well as snacks and drinks. At outdoor events this can be very expensive. (perhaps £20-£30 a day. That’s 4 days including my 2 days of travel = £80-£120

So the cost to me of running a free workshop is going to be at least £1240-£1300

Holy Spreadsheets, how much?

Keep in mind I haven’t at any point even accounted for my own teaching fees which last year were £125 per hour (and they want 4 hours)

That’s another £500 on top.

So now we’re looking at around £1800 – that will come from MY bank account to fund a FREE workshop.

You can see why some of us who have been in biz a while can actually get quite angry when asked to work for free.

It’s not free if YOU are having to fund it.

Like with hard drugs; just say no! Or speak to my homegirl Denise Lucky Bitch for some ass-kickin’ money talk.


xoxo Star Khechara

ps There are times when it is beneficial to work for free. High-powered speaking gigs – where I’ll be seen by the right target audience for my work – are always worth it. You have to weigh it up and do the maths. Free gigs need to be looked at from a business strategy point of view.  Derek Halpern of Social Triggers recently did an awesome video about this–> Should You Ever Work For Free? the answer may surprise you.

Sick of being poor? I was too

I spent years not charging what I was really worth because deep down I held beliefs about money that came from both society and my poor background. I suffered with ‘poverty consciousness’ brought about by having lack of money throughout my upbringing and reinforced by the people that surrounded me through my adult life. Despite my open mind that understood that we create the life we want, my deep-seated beliefs would sabotage my good intentions. At the heart of it I guess I felt the same as my mum does when she says things like “People like us never get out from under”.

Despite being a published author, a respected expert who received many calls from TV show producers and journalists and an entrepreneur with 2 unique businesses based on 18 years of practise – I found myself in a cold sweat every time the rent was due.

It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone. I KNEW how to be skint, I don’t know how to be wealthy. 

If you’re in the position I used to be, hard-working but forever lacking in cash-flow, you may have deeply rooted poverty consciousness. You can change your belief systems and open the financial floodgates if you give it some effort. It does require some work but results can happen very quickly if you are CONSISTENT.

I created my own ‘Abundance Manifesto’ which I pinned up at home to help me change my poverty consciousness record. I also invested in Denise Duffield Thomas’ Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp (which I still use, am still a part of and highly recommend!)

My original 2013 Abundance Manifesto (got the braces and the car within 3-6 months!)

Abundance manifesto

You offer a unique gift to the world and you deserve to be paid abundantly for that.

xoxo Star Khechara



Star Khechara is a Passive Income Business Strategist & Ecourse Expert. She is also a published author, founder of an international skincare formulation school and creator of the amazing 5-week program: Ecourse Bootcamp. Star is an avid traveller, adventurer, skater and hoola hooper (and certified online biz geek!). She puts the fun into funds!