People often ask me how I get so much done. Honestly, I don’t really know as I think of myself as being rather lazy. I’m the girl who rolls out of bed way after 9am and swans about my house before finally heading to my office at around 11am-12pm. I stop working before 6pm usually too.

But I do get a LOT done. I work smarter not harder. And there is one key factor that has run through my whole adult life and which I believe is the main reason I am so accomplished.

I’ve never owned a TV.

When I visit friend’s houses I am sometimes amazed at how many prime hours are spent hunched on the sofa staring passively at a load of boring crap.

These days there are even more ‘distractification’ tools such as  computer games and social media. I use the latter daily but not for pretending I have a farm or deciphering Japanese cartoon graphics {what the f*ck is an ‘Emoji’ anyway}

I recommend a detox from TV if you seriously want to accomplish stuff in your life. If you’re brave enough – get rid of the ‘goggle box’ altogether.

Hey, I did say you’d hate it!

Take it away boys!


Enjoy your newfound productivity!

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