Sick of being poor? I was too

I spent years not charging what I was really worth because deep down I held beliefs about money that came from both society and my poor background. I suffered with ‘poverty consciousness’ brought about by having lack of money throughout my upbringing and reinforced by the people that surrounded me through my adult life. Despite my open mind that understood that we create the life we want, my deep-seated beliefs would sabotage my good intentions. At the heart of it I guess I felt the same as my mum does when she says things like “People like us never get out from under”.

Despite being a published author, a respected expert who received many calls from TV show producers and journalists and an entrepreneur with 2 unique businesses based on 18 years of practise – I found myself in a cold sweat every time the rent was due.

It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone. I KNEW how to be skint, I don’t know how to be wealthy. 

If you’re in the position I used to be, hard-working but forever lacking in cash-flow, you may have deeply rooted poverty consciousness. You can change your belief systems and open the financial floodgates if you give it some effort. It does require some work but results can happen very quickly if you are CONSISTENT.

I created my own ‘Abundance Manifesto’ which I pinned up at home to help me change my poverty consciousness record. I also invested in Denise Duffield Thomas’ Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp (which I still use, am still a part of and highly recommend!)

My original 2013 Abundance Manifesto (got the braces and the car within 3-6 months!)

Abundance manifesto

You offer a unique gift to the world and you deserve to be paid abundantly for that.

xoxo Star Khechara



Star Khechara is a Passive Income Business Strategist & Ecourse Expert. She is also a published author, founder of an international skincare formulation school and creator of the amazing 5-week program: Ecourse Bootcamp. Star is an avid traveller, adventurer, skater and hoola hooper (and certified online biz geek!). She puts the fun into funds!