CAN I BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BIZ WEARING CAT EARS? Hell YES! [it’s called authentic branding, darling]

Let me be blunt (and frightfully English) – one didn’t leave the 9-5 world to then live under a straightjacket of style once self-employed.

“Dress smartly” they told me “no one will take you seriously”

“Remember to smile” Don’t swear” “wear neutral shades”


“For god’s sake Star, take down those semi-nude pix of you twirling your nipple tassels at Burlesque shows!!”



For a while I listened, I figured ‘they’ knew best, right?


If one thing remains true in marketing throughout the ages, it’s that…

“People buy from people”

That means people who buy from me, buy because of ME – the whole package warts and all (I have no warts btw, actually fuck I do – one weird one on my hand. Now you know).

If you stop yourself from being yourself, it means you’re not being authentic. If you’re not authentic how do you expect an audience to trust you and therefore buy from you?

As a successful biz babe of not one but 2 online 6 figure businesses I hereby give you permission to be 100% YOURSELF.

Even if that means cat ears, mermaid tails, blue hair, tattoos and swearing.

There’s only one YOU in the whole world so for the love of all that is unholy – cash in on being YOU 


xoxo Star Khechara