Let’s talk about haters & trolls. They’re the scariest part of the internet right? They can dim even the brightest of stars. I used to be TERRIFIED of getting haters, so much that I dulled my unique voice and opinions and became a bland copy of my vibrant self.

But UH OH I ended up in the ‘mediocre zone’ where no one really loved me or hated me. 

I wasn’t being my real self and it showed. I held back on my strong opinions for fear of the arguments and vile trolling that would surely come my way – especially on YouTube.

But I LOVED vlogging! I wanted to do more of it and to reveal my true self.

Then I had an epiphany…

I hope this video about being hated online will help you find your real voice too. Don’t be afraid to shine online my darling! The world needs more tall sparkly poppies! 

xoxo Star Khechara