BE A CHANNEL OF WEALTH! I used to think that pursuing wealth or financial gain was an ego-driven, psychopathic aim in life. Why would any decent, caring human want to be rich, right?

But in my poverty stricken past I realised that by keeping myself poor, I was actually being selfish. I sponged off the state, I worked in crappy jobs that didn’t empower me to help others, I had no spare cash to donate to charity and I harboured too many resentments about my life to be of inspiration to anyone.

A couple of years ago I had the epiphany that I could be a ‘channel of wealth’ and that to increase my monetary gains would mean I could then free up a lot of money and time to give to worthy causes and to give lots more info for free.

Being broke and struggling didn’t allow me that luxury

Now I enjoy how money can flow to me and then flow through me as I stand for being a channel of wealth. I can afford to give generously to causes I believe – especially those that protect our environment and animal life.

As a vegetarian and animal rights advocate, it seems only fitting that the 2 charities I currently support are animal ones. I am not a fan of the large corporate-esque charities who use up a lot of funds on wages and admin. I prefer to support grassroots charities who take direct action on a shoestring budget.

I give to Woodside Animal Welfare Trust as they were my local charity back in Plymouth and do so much for caring for abandoned animals. I support a cat pen and rabbit pen.

Two dear friends of mine have spent many years helping to care for injured and orphaned Orangutans out in Borneo (victims of the palm oil plantation industries). I boycott palm oil products as well as supporting their work with money donations too. This mission is their calling and they’ve given up a zillion home comforts (and a wage!) to help these ‘orange people’.

Of all my achievements, this wonderful certificate honouring my donation to their cause is my favourite <3

Star Khechera cert appreciation

I’m so happy I now operate in a world where I am a channel of wealth and I can be a caretaker of the Earth by supporting nobel efforts like these.

Imagine that YOU are a channel of wealth – what would you do with your flow of money, to enhance this planet and all that live on her?

xoxo Star Khechara