You’re just starting to get a following online and that’s so exciting right? Then ‘bam’ what happens? You get a full inbox crawling with people wanting to get free advice or to ‘pick your brain’.

This is very common and I have 3 awesome actions that you can take right NOW to stop it.

Firstly, know this. Don’t feel guilty about not answering these emails. No one can survive in business if they constantly gave free 1 to 1 advice all day long.

Here’s the deal. When someone emails you asking for help, they forget that a million others are also doing the same thing. They’re selfishly thinking that they are the only one asking. They’re WRONG.

Secondly, remind yourself of all the amazing free content you do give out via your blog, YouTube channel, newsletter, social media and Facebook groups.

If you’re a heart-centred entrepreneur like me – chances are about 50-70% of all content you create is given out freely in to the world.

That means you 100% DESERVE to then crack the wealth whip when it comes to offering your professional expertise 1 to 1.

As a gal with many years of knowledge, skills and experience I know that deserve to be paid when you want to Pick My Brain‘. And so do you!

Star Khechara

Ps if you’re having an inner struggle with selling or asking for money or believing that you deserve to be paid, I highly recommend Denise Duffield-Thomas’ program Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.

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  1. Ani
    Ani says:

    I am getting myself a fake secretary! That is the BEST idea ever, Star! P.S. Love your dress. Unless it’s a top. Then I love your top.


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