Recipe for a recurring income cocktail

1. That’s the spirit! pack a punch by creating your unique profitable Powerniche

2. The special mixers: Turn your collection of expertise (skills, knowledge and experience) into a solution-busting epic ecourse, ebooks, virtual classroom or world-class academy.

3. Use the right glass: build (or tweak) your dazzling website to showcase this tasty skillset of yours – don’t serve a Bellini in a Martini glass!

4. Sweetness: Add a sugary sprinkle of personality into the mix (people buy from people!)

5. Make it yummy: Build layers of flavour to delight the crowd (your vibe attracts your tribe!)

6. Add a splash of sales page that speaks to your tribe and brings in the $

7. Add the olive! (an optimised optin-freebie) to build your list of loyal subscribers who only drink at your bar)

8. Fizz & Bubbles: Become ‘shareable’ like Prosecco with consistent content marketing & social media memes.

9. Shots first – before you drink the full cocktail, how about some shots? Pre-sell your epic ecourse to bankroll your journey.

10. Keep the menu small but enticing – engage your customers with a curated collection of sweet offerings from shots to hi-balls, mocktails to martinis. Keep them drinking 😉

11. The pink umbrella: Throw a lavish launch party! (killer sales and an outrageous income boost in DAYS)

12. Ice & a slice – aftercare support and a full promotional package to kickstart the after-launch party recovery and bring in recurring income for LIFE.

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Star is a straight-talking British author & entrepreneur who has repeatedly turned her multi-passions into 5 and 6-figure income streams. Star is a passionate advocate of the laptop lifestyle and is able to run 80% of her business from her iphone while travelling the world (or chilling on the sofa). Working just 3 days a week, Star helps hundreds of women monetise their passions, skills and talents into a thriving online empire. 

Star Khechara

Star Khechara

Monetisation maverick & fruit addict.

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