People often ask me how I get so much done. Honestly, I don’t really know as I think of myself as being rather lazy. I’m the girl who rolls out of bed way after 9am and swans about my house before finally heading to my office at around 11am-12pm. I stop working before 6pm usually too.

But I do get a LOT done. I work smarter not harder. And there is one key factor that has run through my whole adult life and which I believe is the main reason I am so accomplished.

I’ve never owned a TV.

When I visit friend’s houses I am sometimes amazed at how many prime hours are spent hunched on the sofa staring passively at a load of boring crap.

These days there are even more ‘distractification’ tools such as  computer games and social media. I use the latter daily but not for pretending I have a farm or deciphering Japanese cartoon graphics {what the f*ck is an ‘Emoji’ anyway}

I recommend a detox from TV if you seriously want to accomplish stuff in your life. If you’re brave enough – get rid of the ‘goggle box’ altogether.

Hey, I did say you’d hate it!

Take it away boys!


Enjoy your newfound productivity!

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Our home is TV-less for years. My two kids are nagging me to replace the one that we broke years ago.
    They do have their own laptops that they can use for on-demand entertainment. Sometimes I feel that I am depriving them of TV luxury, but there’s just too much crap on TV nowadays. And yes, being without TV is quite liberating really.

  2. Tanya Gioia
    Tanya Gioia says:

    Completely agree! We are raising our kids in Colorado without a TV. Amazing the extra family time, actual face to face time and freedom. Nothing is “playing in the background” so we can actually hear each other. And guess what – we read! Actual books. Ha! a novel concept in this day and age. Enjoyed the who CS Lewis Narnia Series over the winter and then purchased not the poorly Hollywood versions of the Narnia movies but the older more accurate and language specific ones from BBC. Kids love them!

    Friends think we are crazy for not owning a large flat screen but why? I want to live my life not watch someone else live!

    Thanks for your post.

    • Star Khechara
      Star Khechara says:

      I LOVE CS Lewis and the Narnia books! Those were my favourites as a child. Reading is vastly underrated in this ‘instant info’ ‘do it for me’ culture – I see a reading resurgence on the cards 😉

  3. Mikaela
    Mikaela says:

    hahaha… ahh I love your attitude and you are sooo right!

    I never watch TV other than maybe an episode of a drama I might be watching netflix (don’t hate me for this but I did get a bit addicted to Walking Dead) Other than that little TV indulgence, nothing else – I have no idea who is in Celebrity Big Brother…and never will 🙂 If I was single I would chuck out that big rectangular monstrosity in the living room!

    I have no kids either (my friends seethe with jealousy)

    So what do I do with my time? Run a successful photography business that I love and that my clients love.

    Anyway, I was just popping by as I bought your Holistic Beauty Book recently and I love it! My husband thinks I am turning into a witch 😉

    Keep up the good work Star!


  4. liz@lifedreaming
    liz@lifedreaming says:

    Hi Star
    I haven’t had a tv for over 10 years and don’t miss it.

    If I want to watch something I go to netflix of you tube but there’s no sitting in front of a huge screen and losing hours.

    I love reading so that can be a deep deep distraction.

    I use it as a reward so today I told myself that when I wrote a new post [takes 2 to 3 hours with designed images] I could stop and read for a few hours.

    Good luck on your fab new adventures

  5. Delfina
    Delfina says:

    Hey Star,

    Thanks for putting this out there. Yes, so true. I’ve cut down so so so much and I still feel like I waste time on it. But you’re right. I may need to put this Telly-detox in place!

    Thanks again!


  6. Therese
    Therese says:

    Star, you are spot on. The TV, while it can be productive with DIY or cooking shows, is mostly a brain deadening device. Yes, I own a TV but I also acknowledge it for its true mission.

    While kids are not a waste, they take a LOT of energy & time. The rewards are great for those willing to invest that effort. Those with kids will always have less time than those free of children.

    You made two excellent observations in your post & it was very brave of you to “go there.” Congratulations on knowing what you want in life & going for it full blast.

    With Love,

  7. Anna
    Anna says:

    Star, this is by far my fav productivity advice! Love it.
    I was moving to my last shared house, I like everything, but when finally spotted there was no tv I actually got terrified. “How will I survive without telly. How can they live without telly here?”.
    I got the place and after living without a telly for over a year- It was the best decision ever. It saved me so much time I’d otherwise waste on brain dead programs.
    And if I wanted to watch something I had to fin it on Channel 4 player etc, so conscious effort =better quality of programs I was watching, because it took a decision, not just absorbing whatever is on tv at the time.


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