My business coach was wrong

Many years ago I went to a free business course in my local town. As we sat nervously around the table on that first day, the workshop leader (a local business coach) asked us:

“why do people go into business for themselves?”

But before I could answer with my epic stream of consciousness regarding all my visions of freedom and authenticity and being of service in the world, she stated:

“To make money”.

I sat in stunned silence while everyone else around the room nodded and grunted in agreement.

I wanted to scream NOOO that’s bullshit! If I wanted just money I would stick it out in my job and work that corporate ladder.

Please don’t buy into the nonsense that you go into business just to make money.

Obviously, be definition, your business should make money. But that’s not the main objective as to WHY you start it in the first place. (God help you if it is!)

If you go into business solely to make money, I feel sorry for you. It’s a tough path being an entrepreneur and there’s riches galore to be had but not all of it financial.

Although I do make a gorgeous 5 figure monthly income from my biz, the fact is that I NEVER went self-employed to make money. I had a calling…

I wanted to be a shining example that even a high-school dropout, welfare gal from poverty could make it in the world – inspiring others to JUST DO IT.

I knew I had gifts, talents and passions to share and that’s what motivated me and still does. I also wanted freedom to live my life to my own drumbeat.

The money is awesome obviously (especially since just 3 summers ago I was dirt poor and living in a tent!) but it’s not the reason I get out of bed.

I wake each day thrilled that I have the freedom to express myself fully, and to live my life the way I want and to inspire others to be free and happy too.

Thats why I went into biz. Suck it business coach!

xoxo Star

Star is a straight-talking British author & entrepreneur who has repeatedly turned her multi-passions into 5 and 6-figure income streams. Star is a passionate advocate of the laptop lifestyle and is able to run 80% of her business from her iphone while travelling the world (or chilling on the sofa). Working just 3 days a week, Star helps hundreds of women monetise their passions, skills and talents into a thriving online empire. 

Star Khechara

Star Khechara

Monetisation maverick & fruit addict.

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