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Health & Beauty

PURITY & QUALITY OF ESSENTIAL OILS [lecture] guest speaker at the International Federation of Aromatherapists AGM. 

FRUIT FOR BEAUTY: unleash the anti-ageing power of ‘fruitceuticals’ [lecture] guest speaker at the Organic & Natural Beauty Show. London. June 2013

COACH ME LEAN  [Podcast interview by Rob Barber] Star Khechara talks about The Facelift Diet

SKINCARE BUSINESS SECRETS [Hosted by Formula Botanica] Sell Successfully Online

DIVINE SELF-CARE [Blog interview series with Elena Lipson] Star Khechara Talks Divine Self-Care.

Business & success

MONETISE YOUR BOOK FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS [Podcast interview – Your Book, Your Business] Star Khechara talks to Siobhan Costello from Bestseller Academy.

SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION [Damsels in Success – Plymouth Chapter – Hosted by Grace Chatting] Guest Speaker

GROW YOUR LIST BY THOUSANDS [Hosted by Kamila Gornia] Guest Expert

MASTERMIND HUB [with Ute Lambrecht] How Do You Find Your Zone of Genius And Apply It To Your Business

DARE TO DREAM BIGGER [Hosted by Clare Josa] How To Become The Go-To Expert In Your Niche

MONEY MASTERY GATHERING [Hosted by Nicola Humber] 

OUTSET PLYMOUTH [Hosted by Outset] Getting The Best PR For Your Business

READY TO BLOOM [Podcast hosted by Holly Worton] How To Get Paid For Being You

THE SUITCASE ENTREPRENEUR [Podcast hosted by Natalie Sisson] Monetize Your Passions with Star Khechara

THE EVERYDAY SHERO [Podcast hosted by Rebecca Kane] Monetize From Living In A Tent To 5-Star Luxury

LUCKY BITCH: BEST MONTH EVER [Blog interview series with Denise Duffield-Thomas] From Living In a Tent To Almost £10,000 ($14k) a month.

SOULFUL PR [Podcast hosted by Janet Murray] How To Monetise Your Brand

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