Going on TV? Here’s how to maximise your TV exposure to grow your list

A client disclosed that her business was going to score some amazing coverage on a popular TV show and wanted to know how best to leverage the exposure.

Coverage like this might only come along once in a lifetime so you need to squeeze every drop of leverage out of it to maximise your business and grow your tribe of raving fans even more.

Here are my tips.

  • 1. Be easy to connect with

    After the TV show people will be looking to connect with you so make that easy for them. Make sure that your business name and messaging is congruent across your website and all social media.

    Make sure you’re actually on social media!

    At least have a Facebook page for your business.

    Be recognisable too. Make sure that your head shots look like YOU.

    Prepare for the onslaught by changing your website headers and social media cover images with new designs that say “as seen on…”

  • 2. Turn your homepage into a lead-capturing machine

    There’s no point sending eager TV show fans to your social media or webpage if you don’t capture their details as ‘warm leads’.

    Turn your homepage into a lead capture machine with large and obvious optin boxes and give them a reason to hand over their details.

    Perhaps a ‘behind the scenes’ account of your time on the show? or a special freebie just for fans of that show?

    Something that will speak to the new stream of new followers that come to your website after seeing you on TV.

    Remember to link your optin forms to your social media accounts too!

  • 3. Create an engaging automated email sequence

    Don’t let these new fans forget you! Create an automated email sequence to keep them engaged and interested with you and your brand.

    The particular show in which my client appeared was a show where you have to answer lots of tough questions about your business. I suggested that her first email could be “If you were on [name of show] what questions would YOU have asked us?

    Other cool ideas could be:

    • Behind the scenes footage.
    • Q&A about the show and your brand.
    • A funny story about being on the show.
    • How (or why) you went on the show.
    • What the hosts were like.
    • An unusual aspect of your business that was edited out of the show.

    Keep them captivated, entertained and engaged.

Opportunity is yours for the taking so make sure you maximise every moment of exposure you and your business gets.

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  1. Rumbi Serima-Fowler
    Rumbi Serima-Fowler says:

    Thank you Star I have a pending radio interview and I will be sure to apply these tips. Rumbi x.


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