Got pre-launch nerves? Try this humorous trick to kill them

This was a genuine back and forth Q&A session I had with one of my students Jo*

*I won’t reveal her full name for privacy reasons.

Most of these questions are the top fears that many ladypreneurs have when launching their first passive income product or online program. My answers are trite and irreverent because I wanted to bypass the fears with humour and in a cute way show that even if any of this stuff actually happened – it would be ok. No one dies because of a launch. 

Try this trick yourself! Write down your top 10 fears about launching your course or ebook into the world than answer those fears with silliness. Guaranteed to shake you out of your pre-launch funk.

1. There will be tech issues and I will get stressed out having to deal with them.

…And your computer will die, your car will fail to start, the smoke alarm will malfunction and your pants will fall down (in public).

2. I’ll be too busy if I get all these all these new clients.

Yes, you won’t even have time to wash and then everyone will start calling you ‘stinky Jo’.

3. They won’t like it and ask for a refund

…and then every single one of your clients will follow suit, leaving you broke and penniless and having to sell your body on the street just to get by.

4. They will hate it and slag the course/me off over social media.

True – (see comment ‘stinky Jo’ above)

5. I’ll get known as the go-to person in the __________ world. (hidden for privacy)

No you won’t because no one would give you such a lofty title if you haven’t got time to wash and your pimp is making you work overtime.

6. Someone will rip off my course content and sell it as their own.

And then realise it was a mistake – because of all those darn refunds!

7. Friends will see me making money and think I am too good for them now.

Again, let me refer you too ‘stinky Jo’ comment above.

8. Certain relatives will see my success as a place to come and ask for money and freebies

You won’t have time for relatives with all those refunds you’ll be giving out.

9. My husband will hate the fact that I’m bringing in a decent amount of money, threatening his position as the bread winner

He is gluten-free so just stop with all the bread talk (poor man). And besides I think he’ll be more threatened by all the lap-dancing you’ll have to do thanks to number 3 above.

10. I’ll get bored of the course and won’t want to help anyone anymore.

I’ll get bored of writing satirical comments at this rate…

TRUTH: Launching is always a little bit scary even for professionals like me. Don’t let fear stop you. Get your head out of your ass and LAUNCH!

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