an introvert walks into a bar

I’m an introvert and this is my networking lube:

“Yo who the f*ck wants to buy this bitch a GIN, pronto”

Ok that never actually happened.

Normally I scurry in and seek out the bar or free booze. Neck 2 glasses of warm and slightly vinegary cheap chadon-nay-nay then hide in the toilets talking to myself in the mirror because, let’s be honest, amongst the suits I am the most interesting person there (and I’m an HSP introvert – and do not get along at these shindigs).

After social lubricant (afore-mentioned warm victuals) I hang in the corner with the cool kids (aka the ones who go for the alcohol). Drink more. Do my weird performance where I pretend to be a grown up. Then leave, wobbly-footed, on the one pair of heels I own and reserve for weddings and networking. And burlesque performances. (Not to be confused with the other)

I try and leave alone without fanfare but once an ancient will-writer escorted me to a taxi then tried to kiss me.

Clearly, I’m designed for the stage not for this mingling malarkey.

And you might not be either. Guess what? it’s OK to hate this stuff. There are many more ways to promote your expertise.

Thanks to the gods of ye internet it’s now possible – if you’re so inclined – to do all of your mingling from the safety of your Macbook *hello*.

I’ve got one main rule in my business: If I really, really hate something, I don’t do it. Simple.

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