Why I don’t blog (and what I do instead)

I know. I am writing this in a blog. I appreciate the irony.

Much as I enjoy researching, sharing information and writing, the truth is that I am just not great at blogging. I just can’t seem to stick to a schedule at all. I do try. I have good intentions. But then…I don’t know…life?

Also, I’m under no illusions. In this vast universe called the blogosphere my blog is but a grain of sand on one beach, on one continent. Spit vaporising under the glare of the sun.

I’m nobody. And the chances of hordes of admirers heading my way after accidentally stumbling across my words are slim to none.

Think about it. There are millions of blogs. MILLIONS!

I just have the inclination to fight tooth and nail to be seen or heard in that world.

I’ve got something better to do

Why spend your life endlessly blogging for a few hundred subscribers when you can write just ONE post a month and be seen by thousands (or even millions)?

Doesn’t that seem like a better use of your time?

When I write ONE post for a magazine here’s what happens

1. They already have the epic platform and following

You don’t have to scramble around hoping to get a few eyes on you blog. A big magazine has thousands of guaranteed, paid-in-full eyes ready to read YOUR content.

2. They do most of the promotion

Of course you’ll want to share any links to the online version and even take a scan of the print version for your media page (and for bragging rights) BUT the magazine already has it’s promotional channels. And they spend hard cash on adverts too. Way more than you can afford for your little patch of the blog pasture.

3. It’s got longevity

When people spend money on a magazine they usually keep it. Even if it’s just in the toilet for those lack-of-dietary-fibre moments. That means your article will get referred to over and over again. Unlike your blog which – unless bookmarked by someone who actually uses their bookmarks – is usually read once then forgotten because the next blog post by other folks writing about the same stuff as you is out.

Grow your following, the write way 😉

If you desire to be a world-class blogger keep on blogging several times a week and working hard to get eyes on your blog.

If you’re a business woman who wants to grow her list, fans, following & fame AND become the sought-after expert in your industry – stop blogging so much and instead start getting your articles into magazines pronto!

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Ps I teach you exactly how to get YOUR precious words into those coveted glossy magazines in EXPOSURE: The Ultimate Fame Academy – enrolling now.

What magazines would YOU love to write for?

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  1. Mildred
    Mildred says:

    Sounds like a good plan – I’ve just spent hours starting my blog, sorting out the layout, trying to figure it all out – Exposure is the way to go!


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