Your online empire starts with a website

But what if you suck at building websites (and you can’t afford a web-designer?)

Honestly, my first sites were terrible too (see pix below). Check out my old burlesque website, I’m in my under-crackers!

Crikey! Cover your eyes…

But I know that even the most tech-hating hippy chick can learn to build beautiful sites in WordPress. 

In this post I want to show you 3 cool things:

  • 1. How sh*t my web design skills were (see examples below)

  • 2. How much better they are now (see examples below)

  • 3. The exact tools I now use that changed my life (and helped me make amazing websites, membership sites and online classrooms)

Because even if you have zero webby skills or graphic design knowledge it’s possible to DIY a website for your business IF you use the right tools and someone shows you the way.

And trust me, you’ll be able to make better websites than I did at first.


Here are two of my first websites…


If you’ve never built a website before I’ll forgive you for mistaking my shonky designs for something good.

These days – thanks to the knowledge and tools I have now – I can build WAY better sites and it takes me hardly any time to do so.

Here’s a couple of my current websites & online classrooms

Website in a weekend - Star


Don’t shake your head at me, lady. Trust me on this. YOU can make websites as cool as mine.

Even my die-hard technophobe “I’m scared of the interwebz” clients made STUNNING websites under my tutelage.

Check them out:

SEE! Didn’t they do amazingly well.

Truth: You’re not a technophobe, you’re not ‘crap with websites’, you just haven’t got the right tools or guidance yet.


Because I was a die-hard technophobe (honest!) I was scared to use the big girls toys (WordPress) and I started out using Wix, Moonfruit, Weebly and Mr Site (I now refer to the latter as ‘Mr Shite’).

The problem with these easy build sites is that they lack a lot of customisation AND you can’t scale your site as your grow your empire. There’s no way I could’ve build my 6-figure business academy on one of those platforms.

I wish I had just started with WordPress in the first place. I also wish someone had told me about ‘drag & drop’ themes too (I had to buy at least 5 themes before I discovered ‘drag n drop’).

Here’s what I have used for the past 3 years to build my websites, membership sites, online classrooms, sales pages and more.

  • 1. WordPress.

    (the free Content Management System that makes other CMS’ look like a dogs dinner). WordPress slays.

  • 2. ENFOLD.

    My drag n drop wordpress ‘theme’. I don’t buy anything else. It builds my sales pages, classrooms, blogs, static pages, login pages, classrooms and more. You don’t need any of those crazy pricey plugins like LeadPages to build snazzy sales pages.


    I still build all of my graphics in this free tool. I’m serious!

CHEAP AS CHIPS: WordPress is FREE. I just pay for my hosting (I use Health Hosts in the UK). Enfold is just $60. Picmonkey is FREE.


Full disclosure: it was a f*cking steep learning curve when I started wrangling with WordPress. It took me at least a year to get to grips with it and I still went through a few themes before I stumbled upon Enfold.

I want to help you build your dream website quickly, cheaply and easily.

So. I have a challenge for you!

A ‘build your awesome website in just 5 days’ challenge.

I’ll be there every step of the way.


  • My entire ’Website In A Weekend™ course

    35 step-by-step VIDEO classes

  • 7 essential web page templates

  • DIY Graphics masterclass

  • DIY headshots masterclass

  • Mailchimp list-building course

    5 video classes

  • 5 live daily classes & Q&A with Star

    + replays

Live classes will be Facebook livestreams from Monday 19th June – Friday 23rd June

Lifetime access to the video classes and replays.

Join the 5-day website challenge for $850 $300 with the code SexyWebsite

IMPORTANT: Coupon code expires in 10 days

IMPORTANT: Live video classes and Q&A start Monday 19th June.

I can’t wait to walk you through building your BESTEST ever homemade WordPress website – including shop pages, blog, classrooms and membership sites. WOO HOO! Let’s go

xx Star

Ps. Remember to buy the Enfold theme here. This is my affiliate link.

Pps. Join the Facebook event area ready for the live lessons here.

Pssssst! Coupon code SexyWebsite expires in…


Join the 5-day website challenge for $850 $300 with the code SexyWebsite

Got any website horror stories? Or questions about the challenge?

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