What does the term ‘freedom lifestyle’ or ‘freedom business’ mean to you?

For me it means:

I get up when I want, no alarm clock, no one else’s deadlines other than my own.

Taking breaks when I want, enjoying lunch when I decide to and taking as long as I want.

No f*ckin name tags/door swipes!

Waking up on a hot day and having an outdoor adventure somewhere

Creating lovable authentic passive income products so I can earn money while I eat, sleep and play. (or Eat. Love. Pray. lol).

Working long hours when the ‘flow’ takes me and short hours when it doesn’t.

Having plenty of ‘thinking time’ to allow ideas to flow through me.

Connecting with people all over the world and enjoying it (without calling it ‘networking’).

Taking holidays/daytrips and knowing that my tribe is well-cared for because I can hop into a group and chat to them using just my phone.

Using technology to help me work smarter, not harder.

Getting more done in less time )cos no one is paying me by the hour and expecting me to fill those hours with faffy work).

Fricken’ enjoying myself, enjoying life and having a sense of purpose!

I went into self-employment to be free. I couldn’t stand one more day or minute even, of some bloated middle manager telling me how many minutes I was allocated daily to be allowed to be away from my desk to empty my bladder. I’ve lost count of the sh*tty jobs I’ve walked out on – only to find myself looking for another when the cash ran out.

Eventually my CV (resume) was more like the potted history of a bum, than sleek calling card. The Universe took a stand and stopped sending me jobs. It was time.

I cried when I got evicted (again) yet somehow I knew this was all a test, preparation to make sure I wouldn’t run back to the security blanket of another temp job to resent.

2 years ago I launched my first biz after completing a free local biz course (while I was living in a tent!).With a short time I was making life-changing income and I moved from my tent to a 1-bedroom apartment, then 2 years later a 4-bedroomed house in the countryside.

Thank goodness the guiding forces made me take that leap! And as I joyfully launch my 2nd freedom business I see that I have already gone into 5 figures within 2 weeks. Now I know the truth: you can enjoy freedom & an bountiful income.

My goblet of rock – runneth over. Thanks for believing in me.

Star Khechara

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