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Pinning down your ideal client (not literally) can be an annoying task – here’s my fun way

You probably know that I’m not keen on those excruciatingly tiresome ‘ideal client’ exercises.

But yesterday my partner Les-Paul and I were having a cosy cup of tea (hey, I’m English!) and a biz chat.

Les was getting excited about a new project he’s working on and we were strategising who is target audience would be when *BINGO* – Les accidentally stumbled across the most amazing way to nail your ideal client in under 5 mins!

It’s shockingly simple. And I’m going to share it with you.

Your Ideal Testimonial

Yes, it’s that easy.

Simply create a dream testimonial that you’d love to see on your website.

Answer these:

What are their results?

Why did they choose you?

What kind of service/product did they buy?

What is their name (make it up)?

What is their job title/brand name?

For example

“When I joined Star’s academy I had no idea it would make me a famous household name – with guest spots on TV – as well as help me grow a 6-figure online business with my ecourse ideas. Even my book sales have tripled and I’ve been approached by publishers for a 2nd book”
Jacinta Grey | Author of The Nutrition Bible

I literally just made that one within 2 minutes while writing this email.

Of all the ‘ideal client’ exercises out there, this has to be the easiest and it helps you nail down exactly who you wish to serve and how you want to serve them.

You could even do a different ‘ideal testimonial’ for each service or product you offer.

I challenge you to give it a go now and I’ve even created a gorgeous Dream Testimonial Worksheet for you. 

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  1. Peggy Melmoth
    Peggy Melmoth says:

    Excellent short-cut. It’s like going to the result and then imagine yourself working backwards from there. It’s helpful to then imagine how you would get to this end point where you are receiving testimonials like this? I’ve received a couple of lovely testimonials from running the beta test of my voice recording course, so they went something like; “I felt super intimidated by the sea of audio info out there and was resistant because it felt like yet another techy headache, plus a time sucker… Her class broke everything down in sound bites I could handle and build upon. With Peggy’s deep knowledge of Audacity and all things audio plus her sweet and wonderfully zany personality I learnt what I needed to put out 10+ meditations over the last year.” Michelle Wirta – The Soul Translator

  2. spuds
    spuds says:

    brilliant hahaha ur like some kinda time-traveller – smack to the point. did u jump thru a quantum wormhole something for this one?? x-D seriously tho’ the whole “what are their pain points and wishes etc dreams, what they want is results” is all nice and makes sense… but doesn’t really get to the point.

    thank you!!!! 😀

  3. Lisa Melli Gillespie (aka: Shaman Lisa)
    Lisa Melli Gillespie (aka: Shaman Lisa) says:

    Let me just spell out a few reasons this is totally AWESOME:
    1) I’ve always had trouble with those exercises that said, “Just picture your ideal business” because that always seemed so BIG and VAGUE – I see how I can use this simple exercise to help me pinpoint a more specific vision – even if only a piece of it.
    2) It looks FUN
    3) It is a quick exercise – most everything I’ve been facing with advancing my biz sounds like it takes about a MILLION steps. This is refreshingly simple. It’s “Pinpoint-a-major-business-focus-lite”, like over cocktails or something.
    4) In fact, I may just do this over cocktails. Or even a nice coffee.
    5) (Thanks, Star!)

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Very cool idea!

    Totally love the backwards way of looking at this. It’s gotta be the one question that makes everyone’s heart sink – the dreaded ideal client brainstorm!

    But writing your own ideal testimonies?! this sounds awesome! And it throws a bit of the old manifesting magic in as well 🙂

    Nice one star I’m getting on this tomorrow xx


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