Confession: I’m NOT professional

I believe in 100% transparency and being authentic but I feel that I’ve been deceiving you, so let me put the record straight:

I’m not a professional

I started up my business with almost zero cash. I was living in a tent at the time and I cobbled my entire business together myself using free technology that I had to sweat over and learn all by myself. I don’t use all the flashy expensive tech that the professionals use. I am a straight-up low-tech gal. I don’t analyse any data, I don’t know where my traffic comes from and I have zero clue what my ‘conversion rate’ is. None of this has stopped me from earning $241,978 from my ‘built from scratch’ ecourses though.

I’m not an extrovert

Sure I can fake it. I am a natural show-off and I am happy to be on stage but my goodness I shrink when placed in a crowd. I am on my own 99% of the time. I love passive income because I can hide behind my laptop. As a child I was either out on my bike (alone) or riding horses (alone) or when in school I spent the lunch hour hiding in the library studying or reading poetry from the likes of Keats, Byron and Tennyson. I am the typical shy nerd/geek. I never even kissed a boy until I was 14 (and that was under the anaesthetic influence of stolen Vodka). My introvert nature means I have accelerated my business because I stay in and get sh*t done. Is my introverted-ness responsible for my quarter of a million sales? Who knows. Maybe the geeks will inherit the Earth after all.

I’ve never had a coach

They say that all successful 6-figure solopreneurs need a coach. Well I’ve never had one and I don’t feel the need to have one in the near future either. I work best alone, by myself, in silence. I love that my own ideas haven’t been influenced or tainted in anyway by anyone else (even if that’s ‘for my own good’). Ok, I never said I have had a coach but people often assume that I have and I haven’t yet said otherwise. Now you know. Not having a coach hasn’t stopped me from creating a life-changing 6-figure income for myself.

I don’t have a team {I don’t even have a VA}

I pretend to have one. If I get difficult emails or want to seem ‘bigger’ than I am, I use an email signature from my ‘fake secretary’. I am rubbish at dealing with confrontation or haters or rude emails so I hide behind a pretend VA so I can craft a calm reply without feeling emotionally stirred up. Yep, I’m a fraud.

How am I able to generate my 5-figure monthly income all by myself? Is it a miracle? Perhaps I just got lucky? Or maybe I am on to something. Maybe we can do this by ourselves? Maybe we don’t actually need to be coached, coaxed, persuaded or pushed into stuff. Maybe if we just allowed ourselves to figure it out and do it OUR way, things would be the better for it. See comment above about geeks inheriting the Earth.

*2016 update* I now do have a VA but only for 10 hours a month and I am now in my 5th year of business

I don’t do anything the ‘proper’ way.

I don’t use Facebook ads, I don’t blog regularly, I never have a schedule for anything (unless I have actual appointments of course). I don’t have a plan or a time-managment software. I don’t create a timetable for myself. I don’t use social media ‘properly’ and I just cannot tie myself down to doing a ton of hustling on schedule or pinning myself down to running a business in the ‘normal’ way at all. I can’t help it, I am a rebel. I even rebel against myself. This cat-eared introvert will not be obeyed, as an employee I am hard to manage (I wouldn’t employ myself).I just focus on ‘who can I help today’. I combine that with the stuff I am passionate and knowledgable about and bingo – full freakin’ house. Who made business so bloody complex? Taking my income from zero to $241,978 wasn’t a massive ordeal of complications, it was fun, exciting, challenging yes but I decided to ONLY do the stuff that I found enjoyable. It’s time to put the fun back into FUNDS right?

I can’t stick to just one thing

I’ve spent 39 years of my life so far building up expert-level skills in so many areas (thanks to my nerdy ways and not watching TV). Just to give you a flavour: I am qualified as a nutritionist, sports nutritionist, aromatherapist and facialist. I have a degree in Applied Arts specialising in metals (which means I can weld AND make jewellery!), I’ve been a professional (and self-taught) artists model, dancer and skincare formulator. In my teaching career I have taught art to degree-level students at college, done craft workshops for kids and taught professional skincare formulation to entrepreneurs. I am also a professional writer and have been published in book form and in several glossy magazines. In my teenage years I was a trainee horse riding instructor and novice showjumper. I also have a 5 year background working in sales/marketing. Oh and I used to design, build and sell eco-travelling homes (my eco-caravan was featured in 2 top magazines!).

In my career today I combine these passions: teaching/instructing + creativity + writing + sales/marketing + quirkiness to help women design & launch their unique information/education-based business out into the world.

I believe that along with the geeks, the multi-passionate will inherit the Earth 😉

This is me. 100% me.

If I sound like your type of gal, then stay tuned to my emails which I promise will be refreshingly honest from now on. No more pretending to always know everything, no more ‘trying’ to be the glossy professional that I am not. No more upstaging, no more hiding, no more clickbait headlines just to see if you’ll like me. Here I am raw and authentic, if you like me that’s great if now, that’s also great.marmite

But be warned. I’m like Marmite, you either love me or hate me. I don’t tolerate BS and I won’t blow smoke up your ass. If you’re like me yet you still want to get sh*t done without all the silly stuff that people say you need, make sure you’re part of my inner circle of ‘wealthgasmic women’ below.

xx Star

Ps Marmite is a weird black sticky yeast spread – beloved of weirdo veggies like me 😉

Star is a straight-talking British author & entrepreneur who has repeatedly turned her multi-passions into 5 and 6-figure income streams. Star is a passionate advocate of the laptop lifestyle and is able to run 80% of her business from her iphone while travelling the world (or chilling on the sofa). Working just 3 days a week, Star helps hundreds of women monetise their passions, skills and talents into a thriving online empire. 

Star Khechara

Star Khechara

Monetisation maverick & fruit addict.

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