Want to build an ecourse? You’re probably wondering which is the best plugin/software/platform to create an ecourse. Right?

    And therein lies the mistake; there isn’t a gadget in the world that can actually create your ecourse. Guess what? YOU create your ecourse with hard work, research, your brain and pen (and, at some point, your laptop).

    The tech is merely how you deliver the course.

    Now repeat after me:

    “Content is far more important than delivery method”.

    Don’t waste loads of time researching and procrastinating over which plugin or ecourse delivery method is ‘the best one’.

    If your content is good enough and your learners get real results. It would’t matter if you delivered it via carrier pigeon or paper aeroplane.

    Focus on what matters most: Writing/creating amazing valuable content formatted in a way that will engage your learner and genuinely teach them a lifelong skill.

    If you’re wondering what good ecourse content looks like, think of it in terms of this teaching recipe:

    1. Focus on the learning outcomes for each lesson (what results will they get at each stage)

    2. Create lesson formats to suit all of the learning styles (Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic)

    3. Utilise a variety of materials (video, PDFs, workbooks, cheatsheets, images etc)

    4. Chunk your content into bite-sized ‘microlessons’ of 5-20 minutes

    5. Give homework/actions with accountability and self-reflection

    6. Make the lessons fun, interactive and engaging

    If you don’t prioritise your content over delivery method, all the flashy software in the world can’t save your course. If the content is poorly written, badly structured and hasn’t been created using proven teaching methods then forget about earning the ‘holy grail’ of 6-figures from your beach hammock. Writing high-quality course content is nothing like writing a blog post or book chapter. I know, as I am an author of a published book and a creator of over 20 ecourses.

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    Ps YES that means stop messing around for days on end looking for platforms and plugins until your head spins. WRITE YOUR COURSE CONTENT NOW.

    Star Khechara is an author and award-winning business mentor. After years of travel, launching multiple micro-businesses and living a life of freedom, Star finally took her entrepreneurial desires seriously. She founded the world’s first organic skincare formulation academy in 2012 and has gone on to help 100s of female solopreneurs monetise their expertise into 6-figure empires and become the famous go-to leader.

    Star Khechara | Miss MonetisationMonetisation mentor & fame strategist for female solopreneurs
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    1. Charity Nicole
      Charity Nicole says:

      Great post, Star! I stayed in limbo for a very long time concerned over whether I could make my course “professional” enough. I’m thrilled to say that once I took the leap and released my program, I have received nothing BUT praise and excitement over the material. Just goes to show– we can be our own worst critic. Provide valuable content from the heart and you can’t go wrong. 🙂

    2. Tandy
      Tandy says:

      Fabulous article, Star! After a year of hem hawing I finally got my 30 day ecourse out there and built. I like your tip about mixing it up and making sure to include videos with written content to appeal to various ways people learn. I’m going to go back now and supplement everything with quick 5 minute videos:-) Thanks!

    3. marie andrew piazza
      marie andrew piazza says:

      Hi Star, You are just so right and darn funny. loved this short but specific piece. i getting my A in gear to complete my content. got it all lined up but was worry too much about delivery, even if i have mucho platforms to deliver from..i just need to get it done and out there.
      i love my work

    4. Helen Henley
      Helen Henley says:

      Wise words Star! Sometimes it’s easy hide behind the quest for mastery of the techie side. Certainly guilty as charged…

    5. Rachel
      Rachel says:

      It’s so true! I love your point about the bite-sized 5-20 minute lessons. As someone who takes ecourses all the time, I loathe long videos and tutorials.
      The whole point of learning for me is to be able to fit it in around my other commitments, so not only do I turn off mentally, but I have to also physically press the off button 🙂

      Lessons should be no longer than it takes to have a cup of tea and a garibaldi biscuit, that’s my motto!

    6. Linda
      Linda says:

      GREAT post and I couldn’t agree more. I am still at content phase and figure the tech stuff will become obvious as I need it to. My goal is amazing content + real fun!

    7. Eleanore Strong
      Eleanore Strong says:

      Thanks for writing this, Star! I rarely see people asking, “How can I write amazing educational content?” …probably because that’s a far harder question than, “What system should I use to deliver my course?” When I worked in the corporate world, I saw something similar. Executives would constantly obsess over logistical questions like how to code payments (questions that we “underlings” had been hired to handle!)…but I guess that’s understandable. It’s much easier for ANY of us to keep ourselves “tasking” all day long than to sit and think through difficult strategic issues. 🙂

      • Star Khechara
        Star Khechara says:

        You’re right on the money there Eleanore! I never see people ask that either and yet it’s the MOST important question. I’m all for shortcuts and simple solutions but when it comes to delivering valuable elearning content – there’s no shortcut 😉 And you’re right, the fluffy ‘busy work’ is much easier than sitting down and mapping out epic content 😉

    8. Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      Love this recipe! I’ve run a few courses this past year, but I’m always up for making them better. Thanks so much. Your course looks amazing.

    9. Julieanne Cresswell
      Julieanne Cresswell says:

      Thank you for this snipit, I have to confess, looking for a platform and endlessly procrastinating is something I have done, but now i am moving forward to delivering some amazing courses. Thank you, thank you, Thank you. With blessings to you


      • Star Khechara
        Star Khechara says:

        Procrastination is easy to fall into when we subconsciously avoid ‘doing the real work’ at least you’ve recognised it and can move on to create your amazing courses now. xx

    10. Donya
      Donya says:

      Exactly what I needed to hear! Have spent weeks fannying about trying to figure out how to build an ecourse when I should have been

    11. Laura | Life & Biz Coach
      Laura | Life & Biz Coach says:

      Thanks STAR!! I AM writing my content and making it fun right now, and I am feeling like this is the hardest part, I haven’t even looked yet at all the techy jazz …. I’m glad it won’t matter after i blow them away with the sweetness of my life changing stuff!! 🙂


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