My superpower is monetising your skills, knowledge and expertise into multiple passive income streams for sustainable recurring & automated income, for life.  Let me help you make the internet YOUR bitch so you can sell your knowledge, not your time.

You’re here because at least one of these problems is true for your business:






Anna got her first paid speaking gig at a major health & nutrition event and scored a $1770 speaker’s fee

Victoria’s raw cake course added $10,000 her family income last year, despite doing almost zero marketing for it. 

Debbie had her first $10,000 with over 60 students joining her program. And landed a book deal with a publishing house. 

Suzy has helped thousands of women have a healthy pregnancy & calm birth, and recently enjoyed her first 5-figure month from her online school.

Charity turned her Instagram expertise into an ecourse that brings in a consistent $2k-$3k monthly income

My story: From homeless to 6-figure ‘freedompreneur’

How I made the internet my bitch (even though I was a technophobe)

I knew I wasn’t cut out for the normal 9-5 life. No one could buy my life with a wage. I didn’t know about entrepreneurial things back then (there was no internet). I simply became a free-spirit. Roaming here and there, living wild: caravans, tipis, cabins, converted buses (sometimes actually homeless). I went beyond the usual ‘alternative lifestyle’ and into the crazy territory of ‘off grid living’

Society forced me to choose; FREEDOM or MONEY. Guess which one won?

I loved living off-grid! I had amazing adventures; Portugal, France, Spain and all over England. I felt very blessed to have discovered the key to living free.

The problem is that modern life requires money. Even us wild gypsy rebel freaks need cash now and then. Often I’d be able to make enough money selling my crafts (jewellery and handmade bags) or from my skincare workshops. Or I’d do organic gardening.

But sometimes I relied on state handouts or have to get a temping job (yuk!). I did everything from telesales to working for 2 years in a military science lab (I felt like a secret agent!).

As I entered my thirties, I started to enjoy the income that came with having a stable job but I still hated losing my freedom.

I felt that life was a trap. Choose freedom and be broke. Choose money and lose your freedom. I knew there had to be another way

Your only job in life, is to you be. 100% YOU

The choice was false. I didn’t have to give up money or freedom in order to pursue my dream life. I could take a different path. The path of the entrepreneur. I could monetise my passions!

I’d trained in Aromatherapy at age 18 and since then had been formulating organic skincare for my own use. While in Spain – using an ancient laptop plugged into a solar panel in the back of my bus-home – I started writing about skincare for magazines; starting with the alternative press: Connect, The Mother, Green Parent and Funky Raw.

A friend, impressed with my knowledge, suggested I write a book. At this point I was 30 and had been crafting skincare for 15 years but the idea both excited and terrified me! Who am I to write a book?

But the idea wouldn’t go away. I felt that this was my way out of this poverty life I’d built for myself. I knew I wanted to have an impact on the world. I contacted a publisher and write my synopsis. This hippy girl scored a book deal!

In 2008 my book: The Holistic Beauty book was published. It’s still for sale by the way *hint hint*

I built an online academy and things took off

I quickly realised that being published did not mean automatic riches. I decided to capitalise on the book by creating an online course in natural skincare formulation. At the time of launch I had no website, no list and social media didn’t even exist back then. Ok, we had MySpace but you know…MySpace

By now I was 35 years old and studying for the final year of my degree in Applied Arts (specialising in metalwork). Don’t ask!

I would go to college all day then build my business at night. I stayed up long into the night learning how to put together my first website, how to create PDFs and a login area on my site for students.

I pre-sold my course to 8 book fans (I emailed them and they bought!). Those 8 sales gave me the courage and confidence to keep going. I’d NEVER made so much money at once. I started to think I was onto something…

My $50 start up cash become a multi-income ‘holistic empire’

Now I’d found a way to monetise my passion, I became a MACHINE. I built more and more courses – I had a huge desire to serve. I loved seeing my students’ success and wanted to keep helping them. After 2 years (and a name change) I had 7 online courses, VIP days, professional formulation services, paid magazine articles and commissions to write & deliver courses for other companies.

I turned that $50 start up money into a thriving business with multiple income streams. Word got out and soon I was being contacted by people from all over the world who wanted to train with me. I would stare at my screen open-mouthed as another booking would come in from a skincare entrepreneur willing to fly in from NYC or Australia – to train with me here in Cornwall, UK. Without any advertising

Proof that if you build something AMAZING, they will come

Living my dream life

After I sold my first business in 2014 I met my soulmate & went to paradise. Because of my amazing backstory of success, my new business shot to 5-figures a month instantly. My new venture was built on ecourses too – but this time my courses were helping female solopreneurs build freedom businesses just like I had done.

I love being able to have FREEDOM and MONEY. I love leading a global tribe of kickass women and teaching them how to turn their passions into profit, and live their dream life.

I feel f*cking blessed everyday that I live the life I want, with my soulmate and do only the work I love. I make epic income while having a impact. And I get to live abroad 3 months a year.


I’ve launched premium-level programs from a beachfront villa in Thailand. I’ve published articles in magazines while travelling across Europe in a customised eco-campervan, I’ve written a book manuscript from a quaint riverside cabin in England, I’ve taught workshops in a millhouse in France and this year I’ll be running intensives in Paris and retreats in the Greek Islands (and beyond).

I no longer rough it in caravans or tipis. I live in luxury homes & beach villas all around the world. I’m so grateful that I took the risk to monetise my passions. Those initial long nights were 100% worth it!

I make more money in one month of part-time work than I used to make in TWO YEARS of 9-5 working. Not to mention all of the passive income I make while sleeping, relaxing or socialising. Imagine that – two years of salary in one month

Never be a slave to your business. You deserve to live a life you love while doing what you love! And I can show you how.

It took two seconds to realize that under those cute kitty ears was a seriously brilliant businesswoman. In two more seconds, I understood that she WANTS her clients to succeed. It’s not just about making money for Star, she wants YOU to make money, for real.

Allison Walsh | Marketing ExpertRAINSEED MARKETING

Star showed me that you CAN infuse your livelihood with sparkle, moxie and brilliance and still be completely professional. Best of all? Doing business this way attracts MORE ah-mazing people to me. I also learned a ton of tech tips from Star that really challenged me before, but now I’m a proud, bootstrapping solopreneur. Can’t thank her enough or say enough good things about her!

Charity Nicole | THE Instagram RockstarINSTA-HAPPY-RICH

If it weren’t for Star, I wouldn’t have been able to design, create and launch my own websites as well as my courses, all in record time. She is an amazing teacher and explains everything so well. She has literally saved me $$thousands$$!

Angela Campbell | Wellness Coach & SpeakerANGELA CAMPBELL

By the time I finished Star’s course, not only had I come up with the idea for my Signature Style School but I had the tools and know how to create, market and deliver the course. My first run-through launched to 17 people and I am thrilled to say it got rave reviews!

Isabel Zinaberg | Interior CoachISABEL ZINABERG

Star’s technique is common sensibly simple; she uses her natural intelligence and genuine personality, quirks and all, to teach other women to shine their unique light as bright as possible and to be financially free.  She backs that up with a stellar set of technical and business skills that make monetizing who you are a snap.

Michelle Wirta | Soul TranslatorTHE SOUL TRANSLATOR

After completing Star’s training I launched a 6 Week Raw Food E-course with over 30 training videos and bonuses. It’s the first of its kind and I couldn’t have done it without Star’s help!

Tarah Millen | Raw Lifesyle CoachRAW LIFESTYLE ACADEMY

My sales page instantly began converting at a higher rate, and I enrolled about a dozen new international students within 24-hours of updating my sales page using the co pywriting and psychological principles that Star teaches in the course. It was absolutely amazing and exciting!


I finally found the courage to write a sales page for my Mastermind after Star’s course I decided go for it and started writing my sales page. I decided to totally be myself, using photos of me in my most glamorous pinup glory and to write my page exactly as I am, confident it will attract “my” people. As I’m writing this I have four out of 8 places confirmed in just a few days! Of course, I’m hoping for the 8 and working to achieve that, but feedback has already been amazing and I’m absolutely convinced that our Star’s work is some of the most valuable work to support entrepreneurs out there. Thank you Star!

Lottie Ryan | Pin-up Model & WriterWHO’S THAT LADY

Star makes it easy. There’s so much bullshit on the interwebs but Star offers actual teaching with actual results because she’s been there done it, go the t-shirt, got the scars and is willing to share.  In short I trust her to come up with the goods so I can learn then put it into action the same day. There’s no bullshit just authenticity!

Cat Paterson | The Straight-Talking GingerSTRAIGHT TALKING GINGER

I was able to create top notch content for my customers that would not only teach them something but take them in an awakening journey. I was able to overcome my fear of technology and being left alone by my mentor. I was able to create a beautiful website that I can tweak any time. I was able to create my sales page.

Dania Vanessa Illescas BOSS OF MY FEELINGS

Well I did it! YAY… I created my academy and pre-launched. 3 people enrolled, which I am happy about considering I am still putting it all together. 6 hours to go, so could be more people yet on this one 🙂 I have 4 more academies lined up with subjects that I already have material for or have written books about. This is so much fun!… Thank you Star I feel this is just the beginning of an exciting journey.

Kama J Frankling | Almost Stress FreeALMOST STRESS FREE

You are a freaking genius angel…You somehow picked me up out my chaotic forest, flew me to the top to see everything from a falcon’s viewpoint and everything just magically reorganised itself into place in honour of me. MAGIC….”

Heather BroadbentThe Warrior ViolinistThe Warrior Violinist