29 tools for online business success

But with so many apps and tools out there it can get pretty confusing. And new tools are being design and launched all the time – how on earth will you know which ones to choose?

And what about your budget? Not everyone has thousands in the bank to buy the expensive tools.

I thought you’d like some help so “ta da!” here’s guide to the best free and low-cost tools to build your online health business become a huge success.

The exact 29 tools I personally use to run my 6-figure business

  • mailchimp

Mailchimp helps me build my list and gives me the tools to send cute newslettersMailchimp is 100% free for up to 2000 subscribers.

  • magic action box / optin form

Easy to use WordPress plugins to create cute op-tin forms that link my website to my Mailchimp lists so I can use my website as a lead capturing machine. 

  • Small PDF. PDF Escape. Keynote and Picmonkey

With these FREE tools I can create all kinds of amazing ebooks, worksheets, fillable workbooks, checklists and cheatsheets to sell as part of my ecourses. I teach how to create stunning ebooks/workbooks in my ‘Wealth From Workbooks‘ course.

  • Camtasia

My go-to screen recording and video editing tool. Ok this one isn’t free but it’s bloody amazing and you can get a free trial so you can sneakily create all your videos for a course before you need to pay for it. I use Camtasia to make the videos for all of my ecourses & programs.

  • Dropbox. Wistia. Youtube.

These are the tools I use for sharing content everywhere. Youtube is used like a social media platform but Wistia is the professional option for your optin vids (you can actually have an optin box INSIDE your wistia video – incredible!) and for your ecourse/programme videos.

Dropbox is changing all the time and is amazing for sharing content – I create shared files with my team and with clients, I also use it to link to PDFs for my ecourses (so I don’t use up all my website storage space). Dropbox is free up to a point. I pay just $10 a month for 1 Terabyte of storage. You can even make file shares secret and expire them on certain dates. They recently created ‘Paper’ which is like Google Docs but cooler.

  • Wordpress. Enfold. Private Content. Yoast

This is my go-to website tool collection. WordPress is an amazing scaleable website builder and Enfold is my preferred theme as it’s a drag n drop page builder which enables me to easily create all kinds of pages (including sales pages). Yoast SEO plugin makes SEO as breeze and Private Content turns my website into an online academy or membership site really easily. I run my entire Passive Income Rocks academy from it. 

  • Skype. Zoom. Calendly. Typeform

These tools are my essentials for working 1 to 1 with clients. Skype is the free chat tool so you can call or video call clients for coaching and 1 to 1 sessions. Zoom is the next level; you can video chat with 50 people! which is great for group programs and running one-off live workshops – it also handles screen-sharing better than skype and auto-saves your sessions as both video and audio files – perfect for sharing or using in courses.

Calendly is a really simple client booking system that works in every time-zone difference – it makes scheduling calls super-easy. With calendly it adds the booking into my Google calendly and emails the client with a reminder before the call. I can block out time and even embed it in my website. Typeform makes the most stunning interactive forms I’ve ever seen – I use it for my larger ‘application only’ programs and masterminds. You can take payments inside the form too – brilliant!

  • MockUp Phone. Jing. Pictaculous. Snagit.

(and Picmonkey again): I use these tools for various graphics/branding work. Jing is a free screenshot tool that makes screenshots much easier (especially on a Mac). Snagit is similar to Jing but it captures your screenshots and puts them into a design board to build PDFs from. (Snagit, Camtasia and Jing are all made by Techsmith). Pictaculous is made by the Mailchimp folks and is great for branding – you upload a favourite image and it generates a colour palette like magic. Mockup Phone is a 3D image generator that takes your pictures and puts them into things like cell phones, macbooks and ipad screens – great for making sales page graphics like this:

  • Trello. Pocket. LastPass

3 life-changing FREE tools that will organise you to the point of super-efficiency. Trello is an amazing visual tool for mapping and organising your business, projects and ideas. If you thought Evernote was too boring, you might find Trello more to your liking. Pocket is…umm…well like a giant online pocket; you save all the links, blog posts and whatever you find on the interwebz and tag them – it’s brilliant! I use it DAILY. There is a bookmarklet for your browser (add articles/blog posts/websites with one click) and an app so you can add stuff on the go.

LastPass is ESSENTIAL! The sheer volume of login details and passwords we all have to remember these days is nuts right? Use LastPass and you only need to remember ONE password – LastPass remembers all the rest and allows you to share them safely (with your VA for example) and also generates hard-to-crack passwords for new accounts. I couldn’t live without it now. 

  • PayPal & PayHip

If you sell anything online (courses, books, 1 to 1 coaching…) you’re 99% certain to use PayPal. I also love PayHip for selling instant downloads and ecourses as it makes the process totally automated and even integrates with stripe as well as paypal. 

  • Facebook

I use the profile, business pages, groups and events functions (4 tools in one!) oh and I recently started using it for ads with great results (5 tools in one, then). Facebook has been invaluable in growing all of my online business – and it’s FREE (apart from the ads of course). 

WOW!  I know it seems like a lot of tools but you’ll be using them without even noticing.

I thought I was using about 5 tools, I had no idea it was this many until I counted them.  Isn’t it amazing that these tools exists – and many of them for free – so that we can enjoy building successful online businesses and earning life-changing income.

From being a total technophobe I now LOVE technology and the amazing opportunities it has given me. I hope you’ll learn to love tech as much as I do.

xx Star

What are your favourite tools & apps?

4 replies
  1. Cass
    Cass says:

    I love this list, Star. Some on here I hadn’t heard of before. I just watched your ‘First passive product for $1’ masterclass and I would LOVE to know what you use to embed your screen record in the MacBook image. Very cool!

  2. Deborah Hart
    Deborah Hart says:

    Great list,Star. Thank you. Love discovering new things to check out. I’ve just subscribed to Canva but finding it so difficult to use. My daughter has PicMonkey and I really wanted to like it but it didn’t seem to have a branding section to store your brand colours and fonts, and I struggled to make anything look decent. So at a bit of a quandary now.

    • Star Khechara
      Star Khechara says:

      Picmonkey now has that feature too! I used to use Canva but I found it far too restrictive and my images would save weird – the text would move etc and after paying for premium and getting zero answers from support – I stopped using it.


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